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Be Smart – Downsize Before You Really Need To


Unfortunately, all too often we see elderly friends and family being put under pressure to sell and downsize because they can no longer stay in their large home often due to such factors as illness, the passing away of a beloved elderly partner, or an inability to cope physically and/or financially with maintaining a large home after all the children have grown up and moved away.
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Downsizing = Rightsizing. An Opportunity to Live the Dream!


Many retirees or empty nester baby boomers only think about rightsizing (the word ‘downsizing’ does seem to have a negative implication) when less than favourable circumstances eventuate, such as ill health, or difficulty managing the increasing running and maintenance costs for their large home.
Some wait until the family home is worth $X before making the move. This can be false reasoning because as we all know, usually when your family home finally reaches this magic number, what you are considering  purchasing also has gone up in price. more »