When it comes to Selling your home, what sets us apart from the rest?

Let me give you a real example of just one of our services that gets your home SOLD for the highest possible price:

What happens behind the scenes once you have accepted an offer on your house?
It’s not SOLD yet! And lot can and does happen behind the scenes.

You wait…..and wait. Suddenly you get the call from the real estate agent that the deal is off and your back to square one in trying to sell the property. Not happy Jan!

So how can I help you, as a potential Seller, that’s different from most other agents?   

Did you know that most real estate agents don’t have the qualifications in mortgage broking? For you, the Seller, that means you are kept in the dark since the real estate agent has little or no understanding of really where the buyer sits and is just hoping it all comes together – somehow!


My (Michelle’s) qualifications in mortgage broking means I really understand what is happening or not happening with the finance for your purchaser. I understand the terminology and the conditions of the loan, but more importantly, I let you know what they really mean for you, the Seller. One of our recent vendors certainly understands how important this information was to the successful sale of their property.

I can also assist your purchaser with my mortgage broking knowledge and expertise – for e.g. did you know that there are cheaper finance options rather than just bridging loans? – this type of information given to your purchaser could mean the difference between getting your home sold or not.

So when it comes to selling your home we don’t treat you like a mushroom and keep you in the dark!

Experience the difference with our outstanding customer service and our extensive expertise – call us today for a free no obligation property appraisal.

“We strive to be the BEST, not the biggest!”

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