I strive to be the BEST, ………not the biggest!

I am NOT your typical Real Estate Agent and NEVER want to be so.

Ashworth Higgins Property Sales is all about YOU.  After speaking with many locals to understand what locals regard as important when selling their property, I, Michelle Ashworth,  set up a property Sales ONLY real estate boutique business offering the savings, benefits, professionalism and extensive experience that many locals told me they wanted. Few, if any, other local real estate agent can match all that I can offer you. Benefits such as:

  • Boutique service – this means that I restrict the number of properties I have for sale and Do Not spread myself thinly across multiple properties, so that I can provide you and your all potential buyers my Award winning customer service = Great Word of Mouth Referral = 100% Seller Satisfaction!
  • Huge cost $$$ savings. My low overheads mean I pass the savings on to YOU. Be pleasantly surprised! Every advertising dollar is spent on advertising to sell YOUR property, NOT my business.
  • Deal direct only with the business owner, Michelle Ashworth. That includes you and all your potential buyers.
  • Available to you and all your potential buyers 24/7.
  • Property Sales Only Real Estate – solely focused on getting YOUR property SOLD for the best possible price; no distractions, no rentals, no property management issues, no employees – simply focused on SELLING your property. This is back this up with cutting-edge specialised IT software used by top selling agents.
  • Being the BEST, not the Biggest – receive the professional service of the business owner all the way, all the time.
  • Advanced marketing techniques and negotiation skills – customised comprehensive marketing strategies and initiatives ensuring great exposure for your property and advanced negotiation skills of Michelle to obtain the highest possible price.
  • Award winning Customer Service – get the VIP customer service experience by always keeping you informed and updated throughout the process, I listen to you and understand your needs. I text/sms, I email, I Facebook – and I love to chat face-to-face and on the phone. I am easy to reach (available 24/7) and quick to respond. My word of mouth referrals, reputation and success depends upon YOUR experience with me – so I am ALL ABOUT YOU.
  • So many of my clients are now my dear friends. Many come to know that my heart is in the right place and will  always do what is BEST for them.

Contact me and choose a Non-Typical Real Estate Agent.