Unfortunately, all too often we see elderly friends and family being put under pressure to sell and downsize because they can no longer stay in their large home often due to such factors as illness, the passing away of a beloved elderly partner, or an inability to cope physically and/or financially with maintaining a large home after all the children have grown up and moved away.

As some of you well know, I certainly understand the difficulties in facing this reality when our family went through this not so long ago. So I speak from experience when I say that like planning for retirement, planning to downsize before you are forced to do it, really is a smart decision.

retirement photoIt can offer benefits such as freedom:

– freedom financially in looking after a large home;

– freedom physically in looking after a large home;

 – freedom to visit family and friends;

 – freedom to make new memories and pursue your dreams!

So be smart and let’s discuss a downsizing plan tailored to your requirements and needs.

Please contact us, the Directors, Michelle or Guy, for a free consultation.  We help you to avoid the stress of being under pressure to sell and downsize, and we help you all along the way by providing the confidence, and our personal care and attention.


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