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It’s All About YOU!

Best is small. I limit the numbers of properties I have for sale at any one time so this allows me to provide the best care and attention to you as the seller and to all your potential buyers, being available 24/7.

Few, if any, other local real estate agent can match all that I offer you. Benefits such as:

  • Huge cost $$$ savings on commission and selling costs potentially saving you $$thousands. Our low overheads mean we pass the savings on to YOU. Be pleasantly surprised!
  • Deal direct only with the business owner, Michelle, available 24/7 to sellers and buyers.
  • Property Sales Only Real Estate solely focused on getting YOUR property sold for the best possible price; no distractions, no rentals, no property management issues, no employees – simply focused on selling YOUR property. I back this up with cutting-edge specialised IT software used by top selling agents.
  • Being the BEST, not the Biggest – receive the professional service of the company Owner/Director from start to finish. Available 24/7. Limited number of properties for sale at any one time = great personalised service for all sellers and buyers.
  • Advanced marketing techniques and negotiation skills – Customised comprehensive marketing strategies and initiatives ensuring great exposure for your property and advanced negotiation skills of  Michelle to obtain the highest possible price.
  • Award winning Customer Service – get the VIP customer service experience by always keeping you informed and updated throughout the process, I really listen to you and understand your needs.  I text/sms, I email, I Facebook – and I love to chat face-to-face and on the phone. I am easy to reach and quick to respond. My reputation and success depends upon YOUR experience with me – I am ALL ABOUT YOU.

Contact me now and be pleasantly surprised.


Michelle Ashworth
Michelle Ashworth is a local who has lived, worked and been educated in the Bega Valley at various stages of her life. Having also worked and resided in many locations throughout Australia, she has permanently relocated back home to the beautiful Far South Coast, immensely enjoying the lifestyle and her family.

Previous to relocating back home, Michelle worked for Stockland, Australia’s leading residential developers in our top 100 ASX companies, in the Newcastle area. One of her awards was Stockland’s No 1 National Salesperson with a significant component of this award being attributed to her outstanding customer service.  

Michelle’s wealth of experience and qualifications is not only in real estate but also in housing and construction finance, local and state government, and in her own businesses.

Michelle’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Business Degree, Graduate Certificate in Management, Certificate IV in Finance (Mortgage Broking) as well as current real estate qualifications.

She now brings her award winning real estate expertise, skills and passion into the new partnership of Ashworth Higgins Property Sales with long term local real estate guru Guy Higgins.

“I am absolutely delighted to be able to work with Guy - we are both genuinely passionate about helping you. We offer you VIP benefits that few others can offer.  As a VIP client you only deal direct with us, the business owners, and have the added benefit of the expertise of BOTH of us. We have low overheads so we pass on to you the huge $$ savings in commission and selling costs. We are a Sales Only real estate partnership; small and focused only on getting your property sold for the best possible price. Unlike other real estate agencies, we are not distracted in dealing with rentals, property management issues and staff issues. Our mission statement is simple: “It’s All About YOU – if you are happy, we are happy.”
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